Virtuoso at Masturbation, and More McHughmorous Musings

Who’s a what now? Virtual wha-huh?

I’ll say it again.

Virtuoso at Masturbation, and More McHughmorous Musings


Remember those great bits on SNL back in the day? The Jack Handey Deep Thoughts? The bits you waited for all night and then quoted and re-quoted for weeks on end? The ones that still stick in the back of your brain and pop-out to make you giggle like a sugared-up seven year-old at the most inopportune times? Like in a public toilet stall, or in line at the Wendy’s behind some 8 foot-tall biker with questionable hygiene and a real crazy look in his eye?

Forget those. Here comes the New World Network version for these heady Electronica Days and Brave New Nights.

I give you the McHugh.


Jessica McHugh, cool chick, Facebook warlord and literary juggernaut, has put out this collection of her popular #DeepThoughtsy and #McHumor posts, featuring art by friends, lovers and assorted madmen (like my Dudeist approximation of the Last Supper in Haberdash above – one of two Axel Howerton originals included in your purchase price 😉 )

It features the Lady McHugh at her most arrestingly philosophical, radically beatific, endlessly witty and borderline insane.

Jokes, musings, writing prompts, advice, adverbs, adjectives and questionable taste. Everything you could want in a missive.



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