photo(3)So the Big Damn Contest is ended, and here are the results:

(3) WINNERS: “Mean As Funk” Hot Sinatra e-Book prizes (one digital copy of Hot Sinatra)
Anita Stewart
Mary Preston
Karen Palmer Arrowood


(1) WINNER: “Moss Cole Digital Kick-Ass Action Pack” (one digital copy each of Hot Sinatra and Deconstructing Moss)

Kathy Apa

(1) WINNER: “Digital Library of Spectacular Excellence” (Axel Howerton digital library including Hot Sinatra, Living Dead at Zigfreidt & Roy and more!)

Leah Gonzalez

(1) WINNER: “Super Gigante Mega Gift Pack of Epic Legend” (Autographed print copies of Hot Sinatra, A Career Guide to Your Job in Hell, Clones, Fairies & Monsters in the Closet and Dark Moon Digest, plus amazing swag!)

Naomi Leadbeater


Congratulations to you all, expect an email forthwith.

And the rest of you, be sure to enter on Goodreads for the autographed absolute last copy of the original cover of Hot Sinatra. On now until August 6.

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Hot Sinatra by Axel Howerton

Hot Sinatra

by Axel Howerton

Giveaway ends August 06, 2013.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

Enter to win



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