Sex and Literacy – “Hysterical Literature”

Photographer and modern genius Clayton Cubitt has finally brought together sex and literature in a way far more effective, beautiful, real and amazing than any two-bit, half-assed smut rag or 50 Shades of Bullshit could possibly imagine.

I give you “Hysterical Literature”

There are seven or eight more of these videos of women enjoying a book and a fine vibrato, which give me unbridled hope for the future of the printed word. Some of the works include Tom Robbins, Bret Easton Ellis, and Anthony Burgess. Readers include noted Burlesque star Stormy Leather, and former porn star Stoya. All show an irresistable love of reading. Me, I have always espoused the glories of Uncle Walt in the wooing of women. Game. Set. Match. If this doesn’t get the kids reading, I don’t know what will.

Read more on Cubitt’s site or check out this rundown by Criminal Wisdom

Now if I can just find a lovely woman to read HOT SINATRA while buckled into the Excessive Machine from Barbarella

(Thanks to Benji for the tip-off, which is NOT a euphemism)


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