HOT SINATRA now on Kobo!

80d2873ef0f4c169b3f99368d920e89eYou can now purchase my #oddboiled tale of music, mayhem and long legs – HOT SINATRA –  on the KOBO store.

Also, HOT SINATRA print files are finished and approved and on their way to the dead tree factory. Yep. Paperback Sinatra. Coming your way in 2 weeks.

In other news, actual writing is about to begin on my entry in the EMPIRES OF STEAM & RUST series, tentatively titled The Key To Rust & Salvation. Steampunky alternate history and future sci-fi apocalyptic craziness all wrapped into one tasty package. Check out more on ES&R in this post I did back in December, or on the EMPIRES OF STEAM & RUST page. There are currently four great stories in the series and plenty more to come.

Finally, I was chatting with His Revered Dudeness, The Dudely Lama the other day, and it looks like LEBOWSKI 101 is well under way and should appear to rule your existence and rock the foundations of the academic world viddy viddy soon.


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