HOT SINATRA – reviews rolling in!

7119850627_5a54bfd32cAlready have three reviews in on Amazon, things are hummin’, although there may be some issues with the comments section here on the site. Any of you that can’t leave comments here to get in on the giveaway drop me a line on the FB page.





Some excerpts from the reviews already in:

“For the longest time, I’ve wondered what happened to the old-school detective novel. I’ve contemplated the fate of the gumshoe. Hot Sinatra put my mind at ease that those novels can still exist.”

“There are very few living authors who have made me literally laugh out loud, and Axel Howerton’s witty and sarcastic style promptly placed him into that category.”

“I love a book drenched in music, the kind of story that moves me through record stores and jazz clubs and just begs me to score the soundtrack in those moments between chapters.”

“I loved this book. It was gonzo, the leading man was sexy as hell (which surprised me, frankly, as I am generally not turned on by fictional characters), and it was filled with music and love and coffee and music and adventure and music and pain and hookers and drugs and I think there was a bit in there about a Frank Sinatra record…”

That’s just from the first two…

Don’t forget to comment to win a digital copy of HOT SINATRA, and stay tuned for ever more excellent prize packages in the weeks to come!

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