It’s not often that I post other people’s stuff on the ol’ website here, but today is a special exception. My dear pal and writin’ pardner, the indomitable RED TASH, is releasing her amazeballs new book TROLL OR DERBY today.

I was lucky enough to get a preview of this little number and, let me tell you, it rocks the fuckin’ socks, kids. Dark fantasy, mixed with Rock n’ Roll attitude, plenty of action, a little romance, a ton of excellent characters and some of the best descriptive, naturalistic prose you can get in modern literature. Well-written, devilishly addictive and sure to please.There’s a reason I’ve written a bunch of stuff with this lady. She is the real deal. 100% THE GOODS. Her first book, THIS BRILLIANT DARKNESS, is a wonder of contemporary storytelling. Required reading, my little droogie-droogies. TROLL OR DERBY is even more entrancing. So shag ass and get in on the madness. Roller girls, Trolls, black-winged Faerie badasses, armies of hungry sprites, rockin’ and rollin’ underground-a-paloozas, magical weaponry, mystical skates, ancient prophecies and evil incarnate, all flavoured with a distinctly Americana chili con queso awesome sauce.


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