Happy “Bad Poetry on Facebook” Day!


Happy Bad Poetry on Facebook Day!

“Shall I compare you bitches to a fuckin’ summah?”


Free Rain

You are the heavenly rain
Magic and free
The dew I feel upon my face is Life
Splashing down like the urine of the Gods
Falling free like rain
Falling into my cup of freedom
I drink deep of yourmagic
Of your magic soul
Of your magic spirit spring
You scream forgiveness
Through your magic trumpet of lies
Begging me for less magic
More realsies
Begging me in blood
Darkness and blood
And blood that is dark
Like dark darkness
I accept the charges
Maybe a nominal fee for handling
No extra fees for recycling the magic
Though you will pay for cleaning up the blood.
You will pay
While I remain
longing for my heart to be whole again
Where you left a magic dripping hole of bloody darkness
You bitch.

Now, in the name of Bill Shakeswhatevs… get out there and butcher some iambic pentameter! Bad Poetry on Facebook Day!


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