7 come 77

So I was tagged in this 7 by 77 meme going around in the writers circles on the Crackbook. Damn you Crackbook. This is why I have to write a book about taking you down, forcefully, violently, and with much intervention by the endangered future of the human race… But, The Mighty McHugh tagged me, so I must comply.

Tagged authors are supposed to post 7 lines from either page 7 or page 77 of a WIP. My new WIP is viddy hush-hush-hush. My other WIP is a smattering of shorts that have not been compiled into something resembling a book with 77+ pages (as of yet). SO! Here’s a little taste of HOT SINATRA… coming soon… if you fancy a slightly bigger morsel, you can get the first 3 chapters as “added material” when you pick up my story LIVING DEAD AT ZIGFREIDT & ROY (which you can get for a measly BUCK, peoples!) on Kindle:

“In a heartbeat the air was filled with silence and then the cars screamed off down Montana Avenue. I rushed to my knees and poked my head out from behind the table and watched them tear off down the street and squeal around a corner. Two dark, late model sedans. The kind Joey Thumbs and his friends employed for their more nefarious outings, one of them suspiciously similar to the car that had followed us earlier. I turned back to Rosie, who was tearing a tablecloth out from under the overturned table across from us and wadding it up to push on Arturo’s chest. A horrible, wet sucking sound – like a vacuum cleaner in six inches of water – was coming from under the cloth. Arturo’s face was pallid and sickly looking. I looked at Holly, her face a mask of shock and fear, and pulled her close to me.” – Hot Sinatra by Axel Howerton

And for those of you wondering about the pic up there, the “77” made me think of my ol’ Wagbeard 77 t-shirt. So here’s a taste of them ol’ bastards…

2 thoughts on “7 come 77”

  1. Hello, Axel! How have you been? Long time/no see, right? This meme has gone viral, hasn’t it? I got hit with it, too, from three sources. My snippet was not the most noteworthy piece of fiction, but yours was a nice teaser. I have yet to read any of your work and I really need to change that very soon.
    You take care of yourself and have a good week, my friend. See you tomorow for #WW.


  2. Good to see you sir. Drop me a FB note and I’ll give you a copy of LD@Z&R + the first three chapters of HOT SINATRA. Just for being a swell fella.


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