Hey Girl,

It’s International Womens Day. A single day? To appreciate and empower half the species? Seems like bunk. Treat your ladies like ladies, every day of the year. Treat women the same way you’d treat men, every day of the year. We’re all the same bunch of damn dirty apes. Except these magnificent women of literature, who are damn brilliant and deserve your support for their infinite talent:

C.W. LaSart’s new short story collection Ad Nauseum  just released this week!

Red Tash is the author of This Brilliant Darkness, The Wizard takes a Holiday, the upcoming Troll or Derby, and a super-secret project TBA

Jennifer Word weaves tales, like the kindle e-books All Because of the Catthe excellent novella The Poe Toasterand the soon-to-be-released series The Society

Jessica McHugh has written more books than Newt Gingrich has ever read. Check out any of her fantastic reads, including Danny Marble and the Application for Non-Scary Things, From the Heralds Wearied Eyeand The Sky, The World

Now go give some lovin’ to your ladies, and some support to all of the women that keep this big damn world spinning.

9 thoughts on “Hey Girl,”

  1. Ah man. I missed it. Was there cake?

    These links look fab. Some familiar names in there. I’m going to check them out. Thanks, Axel. And thanks for the tweet WW’s.


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