New Year, new shizzbizzle

So, being that the resolutions thing never works out, I’m just going to throw down my Best Laid Plans…

#1 – Hot Sinatra – I’ve been sitting on this thing for more than a year. It must needs be finished and sent out into the world to live its life. April. That is my deadline. It will be done and out there by April 12, 2012. That means one last revision, a line edit, and sending it out for a pro-job. Then I need to finagle the lovelies at Eyecrave Productions into finalizing the cover before mid-March so I can have Hard Copy in hand by my birfday. Watch here for news on that front.

B – New Projects – Airborne Heroes in Chainmail Tights and O’ Sweet Nothin’ I want to have the short story collection done by summah and the first draft of the novel finished by year-end. Mark it, Dude.

Tres’ – Short story submissions and Amazon/Smashword singles – I’ll admit, while LD@Z&R has been “critically acclaimed” and gotten nothing but raves from readers, it has made nary a damn cent. So unless a story really begs the treatment, I think I’ll put this stuff aside to focus on the big projects. That being said, if any of you pubbers out there need a little specialized action for an anthology or publication, give me a holler and I’ll see what I can do. I may bang out the Zombie Love Juice story just to get it out of my head and off my plate. If nothing else comes of that loosely-planned (and disturbingly silent) project, it will, at least, provide fodder for the collection.

(4) – Personal stuff – That’s personal goddammit! Suffice it to say, we should all appreciate the gifts we’ve stumbled upon and treat our loves with respect and fierce loyalty.

Cinco! – Coffin Hop! I am dedicated to continuing to make October’s Coffin Hop the preeminent web event for Indie authors. We are going to smash shit UP!

Sixthly – Get thee to an institute of Higher Learning, my lad. I will get myself back into some writing courses this year. I will! There is no end to what can be gleaned from our forebears, nor to what we can innovate and deliver unto the next generation.

Finale! – This place – I may be moving these digs to a “host” come Hot Sinatra season, so as to not violate any of wordpress’seses policies on using these sites to sell stuff. Being that I already domained and what-have-you, I would imagine this would be a seamless transition and offer the opportunity to tailor things to my own particular tastes and add a more professional flair to the selling of my wares.

As the pig is wont to say, “badee, badee, badee… That’s All Folks!”

Catch youse on the flip-side and I leave you with this inspirational ditty as we leave the damnable echoes of 2011 behind us and move on to greener pastures.

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