Deck the halls and cover yer balls! Time for the Festival of Frights… the 12 Crazy Nights… the Terror of Tinsel… the Scream of the Krampus… the Ghosts of Creepmas Coming… the Reason for the Season… THE 12 DAYS OF CREEPMAS!!!

I’ll be offering up prize copies of the ebool of Living Dead at Zigfreidt & Roy and maybe getting one or two new stories up for action. I’ll be serving up interviews with some of the best writers around, profiling some others and, as is tradition round here round meow, I will be posting X-messy videos and little stocking stuffers along the way. So stay tuned and stay vigilant!

This go round, there’s somewhere in the neighborhood of 40 Horrorfying Masters of the Macabre from the ranks of the best Indie genre writers around, including old pals like Red Tash, Jason McKinney, AK Marshall and Julie Jansen. There’s also new fiends like Father Thunder himself, William Brian Johnson, Kim Koning, Lori Whitwam and the inimitable Jessica McHugh. This whole holiday shindig is being thrown by the most excellent Rebecca Treadway and the full list of blog spots can be found here -> http://tinyurl.com/7wy4u3j

So get your mulled wine, put on your bunny slippers and get ready to have your head handed to you on a festive pike. It’s Creepin’ time!

2 thoughts on “12 DAYS OF #CREEPFEST”

  1. Julie Jansen’s “Santa’s Bones” is a destined holiday classic, and one of my favorites from the author. Great work. I can’t wait for the sequel.


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