Toys for Tots – Horror Stylez!

Toys For Tots is one of the best “seasonal” charities out there and I try to be sure to donate toys and books for needy kids every year. This year I’m taking my kids to pick out stuff they’d like to donate and try and spread a little Holiday Whobilation. Through my network of writerly pals, I came across TOYS FOR TOTS: HORROR STYLE and immediately offered up my last autographed copy of A Career Guide To Your Job In Hell as part of their incentive package.

The most excellent Joe Pulver (Check out his Amazon page and be amazed!) decided to throw a contest to end all contests and go to his friends and fellow writers to create a one-of-a-kind event to encourage people to give to Toys For Tots. Dozens of horror writers, from all over the spectrum have donated books to go into one big pot for the luckiest winner of all! So far, more than 40 titles (many of them signed) are waiting for some samaritan to claim. All you have to do is take a picture of your donation, and another pic of you dropping it in the box and submit them to the Toys For Tots: Horror Style Facebook group. Come January 1st, Joe and his gang of demonic elves will pull a name out of their festive skull candy bowl and YOU could be receiving the library of every horror lover’s nightmares! So get to it. Share the Wealth, help a kid have a great Holiday Season and get  yourself some books!

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