New FB Author Page and more LD@Z&R

So I caved in and built myself one a’ them new-fangled Facebook “Author Pages”. Go check it out at 

Also, there’s more 5-star reviews of Living Dead at Zigfreidt & Roy on both Smashwords and Amazon! Not to mention a nice little mention over at Pandora’s Pen where LD@Z&R is Pandora’s Pick of the Week!

In other news, I may put finishing Hot Sinatra on hold for another month, swapping it out on the back-burner for the long-gestating short collection, tentatively entitled Airborne Heroes in Chainmail Tights. More to follow on that project when I make a final decision. Now get out there and Nanomammawhojooboogaloo or Mo-Bro-Blow-vember or whatever the hell you’re up to this fine blustery month.

4 thoughts on “New FB Author Page and more LD@Z&R”

  1. Congrats, Axel, on the reviews! That’s freaking awesome and gotta make you feel good. Keep us posted on what’s to come.

  2. Thanks LJ. Just struggling to make an impression and carve a tiny space for myself in this apocalyptic wasteland of lawlessness and leather… wait… that’s The Road Warrior…


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