3 Days left in #CoffinHop… BIG PRIZES IS NOW!!

That’s right kiddlywinks, H-Day, and the Grand Finale of #CoffinHop, are mere days away. While not all of my plans have come to fruition, I now only have three big prizes left to bestow. Throw your peepers on this:

Today’s prize is this lovely custom made bookmark from Designs By The Divine Ms Liz, this one being the “Vampire Tears” bookmark. “Swarovski crystals in clear, antique pink and siam red, make up the ends of this black satin ribbon line.” This lovely object d’art will be lovingly placed within the pages of an autographed print copy of A Career Guide To Your Job In Hell and accompanied by a copy of Dark Moon Digest #3 and a few Halloweeny treats.

How to win? I want your best Devils’s Night, All Hallow’s Eve or Samhain haikus. Leave them in the comments and tomorrow morning – spent, exhausted and bleary-eyed – I will devour them with my morning pots of coffee and decree a winner with the help of my ever-present demon-monkey helpers.

Now get the hell on out there and check out the other 90-some authors who have been kicking it in the love bumps for you ALL WEEK LONG. These people have transcended normal human limitations and become Gods Among Hoppers. Give them some love. www.coffinhop.blogspot.com

**OK, so it took an extra day, kill me why don’tcha? I had to take the missus for some Helloween inkin’ and then came home to find the homestead beseiged by a wandering tribe of Zombie Samsquamch and me boyos fighting them off with spears fashioned from Transformers and sharpened Lego blocks. Once I entered the fray with my tri-furcated chainsaw, and armed the lads with their nickle-plated .45’s, we made short work of them and had a lovely dinner of ‘Squamch steaks and maple whiskey-beer. Then we sat down to pick a winner… #1 Son chose Julie Jansen’s tidbit; Thing 2 chose the Red Tash entry; Ms Liz chose Amy Marshall’s Haikuzen and I was taken with Lizzy L’s smartassery. Finding ourselves at a standstill, we resorted to a game of knifey-spooney. That led to much spilled syrup, copious amounts of alligator tears and 36 stitches bisecting the tattoo of Hervé Villechaize on my left buttock. It also led to the naming of The Divine One as Ultimate Fighting Champion of Southern Alberta. Therefore, it pleases me to no end to announce Her Badassednesses decree – WINNER WINNER, CHICKEN DINNER – Amy Marshall!!**

19 thoughts on “3 Days left in #CoffinHop… BIG PRIZES IS NOW!!”

  1. This was supposed to be the one:

    Light the candle now
    Cue feast, welcome home my dead
    My happy new year

  2. The bigfoot howls deep
    Olympia forest night
    And coyotes respond

    Hello Axel. I’m Julie Jansen’s dad giving your haiku a shot.


  3. I have never written a Haiku in my life – so your are admonished not to laugh or shake your finger at me. I looked them up and think I get it. Okay before I chicken out – thank you so much for the fun giveaway opportunity and participating in the Coffin Hop!

    Devil’s Night is here
    Chocolate treats everywhere
    Chase away my fear

    Yea – you guessed it, I am a firm believer in chocolate being the cure-all it is LOL


  4. WHOOOOO */* HOOOOOO!!!!!!! Lyrica must ROCK! I dunno… sometimes I can’t find my brain on it…. :-/ Gonna make NaNoWriMo interesting, that’s for sure! THANK YOU!!!!!!


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