ZUT ALORS! #CoffinHop interview-a-palooza!

Just finished 3x interviews today about the #CoffinHop. One little 5-question nugget is available now on Fellow #CoffinHop alumni Mary Rajotte’s awesome new site Bloody Bookish (be sure to check out her other fivers with Hoppers Kristy Carey, the awesome Dan Dillard and my arch-nemesis C.W. LaSart). Followed that up with a lovely 45 minute convo with #CoffinHop co-founder Julie Jansen and Tim Ward of AudioTim (look for that tomorrow or Thursday, including giveaway copies of A Career Guide To Your Job In Hell and Living Dead at Zigfreidt & Roy) and finished up with an in-depth whack of questions with the awesome Amy Marshall of A.K.Marshall.com, who will also be reviewing, and giving away even more copies of Living Dead! Then stay tuned for more fun with R.A. Evans later in the week!

Now, I know today got bunked up wiith what was supposed to be music day, formerly movie day, and I ended up having no ‘new’ content or a music day giveaway… so here’s the deal… First 5 people who comment will (eventually) get a super secrety secret link to my spooktacular annual MP3-J  (That’s like a DJ that spins MP3’s) mega-ultimo Halloween Mix 2012, which I promise to have finished and figure out how to upload somewheres by Friday night. And don’t forget to keep HOPPING at the #CoffinHop www.coffinhop.blogspot.com

8 thoughts on “ZUT ALORS! #CoffinHop interview-a-palooza!”

  1. Could it be true? Am I the first commenter? Awesome.

    Hey Axel, just stopping by to say hi and see all your action here. Just saw your recommendation for Rob Mosca and will go check him out. Will also go visit Mary Rajotte. Thanks for the recommends. It helps to get a little lead as to where I might want to head.

    Paul D. Dail
    http://www.pauldail.com- A horror writer’s not necessarily horrific blog

  2. I am so sorry, Kristy. I was very very tired and totally bazonkers on conjunctivitis drops and cheap blended scotch whiskey. It has been amended. All apologies.

  3. No worries. Now, if it would let me delete the double post. I was doing it on my phone last night commenting and the first one, didn’t say it was from me.

  4. And like 12 of those responses are me, so it’s all good. In fact, I’ll give that link to ANYONE who posts in this thread until I get the damn mix posted. 🙂


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