First rule of Book Club?

Well, it wouldn’t really do to not talk about Book Club, now would it?

Next up on the Book Report list is the newly re-released trade paperback of Kevin J. Anderson’s CAPTAIN NEMO, which looks… BAD. ASS.

Then I may be checking out newish author Rob Mosca’s gonzo genre-bender HIGH MIDNIGHT which features, among other things, a homicidal clown, an Enmascarado sheriff and his knife-weilding chimp deputy, ghostly bordello girls and the “Devil’s Outhouse”. Color me fucking intrigued!

In other news, I polished off my flash story for the SLICES OF FLESH anthology and will be submitting it forthwith. All I’m going to say is BEWARE LOS CHUPACABRAS!

3 thoughts on “First rule of Book Club?”

  1. ***UPDATE***
    The good folks at Dark Moon Books just forwarded me a PDF copy of HIGH MIDNIGHT, so now I’m really under the gun to get my ass in gear… ten more minutes on A FEAST FOR CROWS, Ma… Please?


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