New look and new cover

You may have noticed a new look round the ol’ blerrrgh as of late. I’m trying some things out before possibly committing to the idea of a full-fledged “Author’s Website”. The header up there ^ is something I threw together quickly and the new theme just seemed to be easier on the ey

In other news, I finished the penultimate edit on Hot Sinatra and sent it out to a couple of pals. We’ll see what they say. I have also decided that I need to add in a little extra Sinatra before I really call the game and publish the book. If you, yourself, happen to be interested in checking it out early, drop me a line and I may be able to arrange a PDF version in exchange for an honest review.

Finally, I now have this tremendous finished cover art from his Chiefness, the venerable Shane-O-Mac of EYECRAVEPRO who also handled the Career Guide To Your Job In Hell ad work. If you need artwork, logos or video production, he is THE MAN.


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