“Spun through the eyes of a gonzo journalist…”

The first review of A Career Guide To Your Job In Hell appeared on amazon.com today and it even singled out my story “Hum” with what I think is fairly high praise! Check it out, mofos!
5.0 out of 5 stars Grand Paternal Order of @#$% Job Havers…, March 22, 2011
This review is from: A Career Guide To Your Job In Hell (Paperback)

This is a great short story collection focused on the depths people sink to while working day jobs (that is, jobs you never intend to have for more than a few months, but wind up clocking years in). You’ll find dark, smart and edgy tales about taxi drivers, office drones, soldiers, garbage-men and everything in between. Axel Howerton’s “Hum” is spun through the eyes of a gonzo journalist hopped up on a cocktail of Bret Easton Ellis, Adult Swim, and a medical journal. Nathan Long’s “Fernando and Yaya” is a hilarious account of an L.A. taxi driver’s struggle with a drunk, prostitute yearning, and hungry passenger. Though not for the faint of heart, these stories all have an undercurrent of dark humor that I really enjoyed.

Don’t forget to go to Amazon or check the ‘Store‘ tab on the top left of your screen to find out the myriad places you can get your eyeballs on this fantastic collection of stories from the likes of Scott Phillips (The Ice Harvest), Wild Cards authors Victor Milan and John Jos. Miller, Robert E. Vardeman (Cenotaph Road, God Of War) and the inimitable Scott S. Phillips, writer of Squirrel Eyes and the forthcoming Pete, Drinker Of Blood, as well as the writer/director of cult flicks Gimme Skelter and Stink Of Flesh.


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