Buy Scott Phillips’ collection of Cinematic Sleaze & Cheeze – UNSAFE ON ANY SCREEN

So says Scott Phillips, Master of Bizarro Tales:

Filmmaker/Author/Bon Vivant Scott Phillips with original 'Leatherface' Gunnar Hansen

“I’m upping the stakes — if I can sell 3000 copies of Unsafe On Any Screen (Kindle, print, iBook or ePub version) by the end of August, Don Adams and I will have a KNIFE FIGHT. Here’s a link to the ePub version from Bob Vardeman’s online store:”

I strongly urge ALL OF YOU to buy this amazing book, which I have already worn out one copy of. I’m not saying this just because I want to see Scott and ‘Hollywood’ Don Adams recreate a scene from Police Academy II… I also truly, madly, deeply LOVE this book and can’t recommend it enough. NOW BUY DAMN YOU!!! BUY!!!

Seriously, this is an indispensable collection of reviews that are even more entertaining than they are informative. If you love beasts, boobs, biker gangs, rampaging alien hordes, psycho hippies, alcohol-abusing gorillas and the finer selections of the Drive-In and Grindhouse Theatre eras, this book MUST be on your shelf.

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