Johnny Depp as legendary Cult film director Ed WoodMoving along with the new site design and upgrades on ECN (which you should really check out. Shane-O-Mac has outdone himself again!), The Chief and I were discussing setting up a new rotating weekly column where Film directors of all stripes, from A to Z grade budgets and all genres in-between, could have a forum to talk about whatever floats their boats or sinks their battleships. I think it’s a novel idea to have a weekly column where you could find an explanation of incorporating digital FX by a guy making his zombie epic for $5k one week, and a rant on Studio interference by a Hollywood stalwart the next. Obviously the big name Directors may take a little time to collect and get on board, but we’re set to start out small with YOU and your thoughts and opines. Contact me at or Shane-O at for more info or to sign up for service in the name of Cinematic Passion.


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