WuTangMoToBeeBo – Day 2

nano_09_blk_participant_100x100_1.png Well kids, Day 2 (for me, Day 4 for the contest… see below for details) was mildly disappointing as I was hoping to catch up to that 6667 total that would have put me on track with the people that actually started on schedule.

I did manage to hit a grand total of 5526, which ain’t nothin’ to sneeze at (and I also put together an accompanying soundtrack list for my MP3 player and laid out the first 4 chapters treatment -style, which was another 1500 words…) Hmm… guess I did alright after all!

I also decided to change the name of the story to HOT SINATRA, which I hope will evoke the idea of a stolen record and not frat-boy slang for some from of sexual deviance involving a flaming bag of poop and a crownless fedora.

Back at it at 6Am tomorrow and hopefully come back with a G.T. of 8000+… We’ll see. That’s a big order when I’m trying to work around the nefarious idiocy of the workplace, as well as fit in time for my wife, her burgeoning business and the Jabroni brothers. I spent most of this evening running the 4 year-old back and forth across the WalMart from the toy section to the bathroom to the Wii section to the bathroom to the toy section… I spent the rest of the night vainly attempting to keep the 9 month-old from eating the shopping cart, any loose cardboard within his Plastic-Man reach, his own clothes, a Starbucks cup and, I can only assume, the accumulated germ and viral loads of the last 1,000 people in the vicinity.

In other familial news, my Wife promises me that, should I finish and win the NaNoWriMo, I am fully empowered to blow off any and all disagreeable situations by simply shouting “FUCK YOU, I WROTE A NOVEL!” Can’t wait to use that one on a few select people! I’m looking at you, smarmy 7-11 guy!

Good times! Don;t forget to click on the NaNoWriMo pic in the top right to keep up with my progress (or lack thereof).


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