Star Wars: The Power of Korriban

SithHere it is, the Star Wars fan flick script I rewrote for Shane-O-Mac and his friend Trevor Maxwell back in ’05. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a digital copy, so I had to scan and post as a PDF.

Trevor had come up with the basic story and he and Shane had worked on the initial script before Shane asked me if I’d have a go, knowing that I had polished scripts and written my own stuff before. I’ve outlined my changes at the end. Now ENJOY! or face the wrath of the Dark Lords of the… yeah, yeah… whatever.

Click on the title below to read the PDF of the script 

Star Wars: Power of Korriban

The storyline is more or less the same as they originally laid out, with the exception that I added the part about Apostas being the older brother. The original version had Jacen as Kaleb’s original master, and there was vague mention of him at the beginning, but no real reason given for Kaleb to be so angry and turned so easily to the Dark side. I felt that, by making his dead master his brother as well, and having said brother left for dead, gave Kaleb reason for his brewing resentment against the Jedi. Additionally, having Darth Apostas revealed to be Jacen, left for dead, nurtured to health and unfathomable power by the Sith, gives Kaleb every reason to, not only immediately question his faith, but violently turn against the Jedi.

I also wrote in more for the two elder Jedi, to nail home the point of the Jedi becoming a tangled mess of self-importance, with ignorance overwhelming the traditional wisdom and understanding. That made it easier to make Ben Rabin dislikable and to make the Sith viewpoint more symapthetic, thus giving the audience a better chance of identifying with the protagonist.

I changed the names of the characters to reflect the SW standard, specifically where the Jedi usually have exotic-sounding made-up names, but the Sith have names rooted in foreign languages and have dark and sinister meanings. They also had some confusion brewing about where to call their Sith ‘Lord’ or ‘Darth’ or just by their names. ‘Darth’ is Dutch for ‘Dark’ and is interchangable with ‘Lord’.

MORBUS – Latin for ‘Disease’ since the Sith Master is the one ultimately eating away the Jedi Order from within.

APOSTAS – Greek for ‘Revolt’, specifically renouncing ones Religious faith.  Self-explanatory, I think.

ANIMOSUS – Latin for ‘Furious’, also fairly straight-forward. Nobody ever accused Lucas and his army of subtlety.

I also rewrote most of the dialogue to better reflect the stilted, officious style of speaking cultivated by the Jedi in the films. Likewise, I rewrote the Sith dialogue with an ear towards the doom-laden diatribes they usually spout in the SW universe.

Other than that, I just clarified some of the action and took out some of the unecessary bits of exposition.

Definitely a fun project, though I don’t believe they ever did film the thing.


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