Re: Zombie Tigers and Old Cowboys

Many thanks to all who checked out the story ‘The Living Dead At Sigfreid & Roy’. It was a very interesting experiment, pimping it out like that and getting feedback from all avenues.

After going through comments received here, on Twitter, by email, by IM and on the ol’ Crackbook… as well as a number of friends, fiends, cohorts and acquaintances… I have a pretty good picture of what every group wants. I had input from a great many fellow aspiring writers, a few very established authors, a large number of hardcore horror/zombie fans, a decent cross-section of popular-fiction readers and a handful of folks who rarely read fiction of any stripe.

All of that info, and the treasure-trove of extrapolated data from ‘crossing the streams’ (I know, Egon… crossing the streams is bad…), has given me heretofore unparalleled insight into my own writing.

So thank you, thank you, thank you and thank YOU for the help. Stay tuned for the revised and revamped version of that story and many more to come.

And PLEASE check out the assorted writings of the following magnificent bastards…

Scott S. Phillips
Screenwriter. B-Movie Gourmand. Author. Comic Book Writer. You name it he done did it.
Scott Phillips Blog
Scott S. Phillips on AMAZON.COM

Robert E. Vardeman
Genre powerhouse. Author of dozens upon dozens of titles. Man of Science. Gentleman of the Writerly Arts. Also writes Westerns under the name ‘Karl Lassiter’:
Bob Vardeman on AMAZON.COM

Scott Phillips
Yes, another Scott Phillips. This one wrote the novel ‘THE ICE HARVEST’, which many of you may know as a film starring Lloyd Dobler Billy Bob Thornton and ‘GLADIATOR’ hottie Connie Nielsen. He is the award-winning novelist of “three of the most highly acclaimed crime novels of recent years”.
Scott Phillips Author Site
Scott Phillips Blog
Scott Phillips on AMAZON.COM


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