That’s right kids! TWITTAFLICKS… it’s like “Critique-Haiku”, man!

I am jumping on the Twitter bandwagon, but with a novel approach… I will utilize my Twitter account @twittaflicks to post bi-weekly, morsel-sized, extra-tasty reviews of the 500 greatest films ever made!

How does one compile such a list, you may well ask?

I took the IMDB top 250, added the AFI Top 100, the Yahoo 100 Best, the MSN Movies Top 100, the NYFC list, the Foreign Press lists, added in several top critics like the Big E and Bobby Osbourne from TCM, merged, stirred furiously for one minute, added a liberal sprinkle of my own picks and rounded it out with a dollop of movie-making, film-lovin’ Cineaste pals and baked at 450 for 90 minutes.

Follow me on Twitter or tune in at to get in on all of the crazy truncated fun… starting this Friday night!!!



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