My lazy and/or useless ass…

Humblest apologies for the whistling wind and lonely tumbleweeds rollin’ on through this page for the last, oh, 6 months… Between the ridiculous day job, the movie site and what little time I have left over for my family, I have sorely neglected my sub-pseudo-almost-career-attempt at serious writing. I hope to get back in the swing soon and have some very cool genre ideas I have been throwing around. These are most likely for a suggested ‘comic-book’ project with my old pal Lou Girardo, artist extraordinaire.

Suffice it to say, details and stories will follow once I’ve had a chance to work on them. Don’t give up on me yet, I’m still thinking, still plotting and scheming and still biding my time in preparation for the Rapture – that, of course, being the day I ‘make it’, just as the world is coming to an end.

TTFN pals,


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