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Avi Phillips is ‘Too Old For Disney’

The newest installment of THE HOLLYWOOD HAND-OFF is live on ECN.

This one, entitled “Avi Phillips is ‘Too Old For Disney'” is a day-in-the-life of an extra on CAMP ROCK 2.

Avi is an actor and writer in his own right, as well as the fine, upstanding husband – and recent impregnator – of my High School BFF. Check out the rest of Avi’s ramblings and reminiscences at his blerrrgh  –



I’m currently spearheading a new column on ECN called “THE HOLLYWOOD HAND-OFF” wherein people of all stripes from the world of filmmaking can share their stories, their love of film or their ideas and propositions with the world. We’re talking everyone from caterer to producer, extra to star, best boy to cinematographer.

My introductory column is up now at :

And many more are already rolling in from friends and compatriots like Frankie Frain, Steve Eckles, Billy Garberina and Kurly ‘flying eagle of destruction’ Tlapoyawa. Future items are being discussed with the likes of Scream Queens Elske McCain and the incomparable Tiffany Shepis; Don Adams and good ol’ Scott Phillips, and a particularly hilarious take on being a Disney extra from a young gent named Avi Phillips. It only goes uphill from there as we approach more peeps from the industry.

So stay tuned for more and keep your eye on ECN  for future installments!

*And many thanks to Shane-O Mac for coming up with such phenomenal art for the column*


Johnny Depp as legendary Cult film director Ed WoodMoving along with the new site design and upgrades on ECN (which you should really check out. Shane-O-Mac has outdone himself again!), The Chief and I were discussing setting up a new rotating weekly column where Film directors of all stripes, from A to Z grade budgets and all genres in-between, could have a forum to talk about whatever floats their boats or sinks their battleships. I think it’s a novel idea to have a weekly column where you could find an explanation of incorporating digital FX by a guy making his zombie epic for $5k one week, and a rant on Studio interference by a Hollywood stalwart the next. Obviously the big name Directors may take a little time to collect and get on board, but we’re set to start out small with YOU and your thoughts and opines. Contact me at or Shane-O at for more info or to sign up for service in the name of Cinematic Passion.