Rainn Wilson, over on SOULPANCAKE posited the following question and I thought I’d flesh it out over here for the 2 people who might be reading this thing:

“Give us the soundtrack of your past year. What tracks are spinning and why?”

So here’s my list of my current faves…

Rabbit Habits by Man Man

Who doesn’t love Man, Man?

Frank Sinatra by Cake

Creeping organ, wailing trumpets, lyrical evocations of ghostly memories… Almost single-handedly inspired my latest (still underway) attempt at a novel.


Rock And Roll by The Velvet Underground

Sure, this is from the ‘Non-VU’ VU album, but it still friggin’ rocks.


You Are The Blood by Castanets

Nuff said.

Reckoner (Scotch_Mist Live Version) by Radiohead

I dig most of the remix versions I’ve heard of this song, but this version from their “Scotch Mist” performance yielded unexpected bliss.

Lay Down in the Tall Grass by Timber Timbre

Like Nina Simone reincarnated as a haunted white hipster from SW Ontario.

Timber Timbre on MySpace

Beyond Here Lies Nothin’ by Bob Dylan

What is Bob, now? 300 years old? He looks like a muppet… and yet he is still the preeminent songsmith and bluesy folk rocker of our time.


Planet Queen (Acoustic Version) by T.Rex

You can’t get any better than T.Rex in its prime, baby! You CAN’T.

Planet Queen on Rhapsody

Leg of Mercy by Jack Harlan

Another Canuck, and the unknown heir apparent to Big Bob’s Folk Rock crown.


Furr by Blitzen Trapper

Greatest boy goes werewolf, werewolf meets girl, renounces lycanthropy and becomes a happy farmer tune EVER!


Da Da Man by Ginger Baker’s Air Force

Like the themes of 16 Blaxploitation thrillers rolled into one and blasted out by the greatest unsung musical genius of the 60’s and 70’s.

Grow Your Own Fucking Moustache, Asshole by Wet Secrets

You will never find a greater funk-punk-rock quintet featuring horns and full Marching Band regalia. These band geeks will rock your socks off, soil them with their rocket sauce and use them to artificially inseminate cheerleaders the world over, repopulating the earth with a new species of Homo Superior… and the Universe will never be the same again.

Wet Secrets on MySpace


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