Back in the saddle… again?

Yeah. Let’s give this thing one more whirl.

I know I’ve said it before. I also realize that it is usually with a merely annual frequency that I drag my sorry ass out and post something here, but with Old Man Hades breathing down my neck, more kids on the way and Life itself, perpetually kicking my nads into my cerebellum, I think I need to take control of the situation and show a little spine.

Mind, I will not be literally unsheathing by spinal column, just standing a little more erect – in a literary sense.

I have a screenplay idea I’m working on, two or three short stories still on the go and a few other ideas percolating upstairs, so I will try to be more forthcoming with the updates.

In the meantime, since our last visit, I did some liner notes for the DVD release of Scott Phillips badass flick GIMME SKELTER, I did a few interviews, reviewed a whack of crazy indie films for The Den of Iniquity on our new & improved EYECRAVE.NET, worked on a likely-to-never-be-seen comic book project and taught my 3 year-old son how to truly appreciate the Ramones. I’ve also been working with this crazy South American (I think he’s from S.A.) bastard named Ramone! (That’s RAH-moan-AY!) on some video review mini-movies and been working on resurrecting a z-movie project from about 16 years ago… Check that stuff out on my YouTube page for INIQUITOUS FILMS.

Well kiddos, back to the grindstone. Expect new things in a new way.




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