Manlove & Kickerdick Tricks

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Short stories from the world of HOT SINATRA



999 Problems_200x300D999 PROBLEMS

Coffin Hop Press

When Artie Menlowe and Jurgen Kierkedoek start a brawl on Record Store Day, the last thing they expect is to end up working as bagmen for the unpleasant side-of-beef known as “Morris”. Will the boys get their man? Will they ever get paid? Will this new life of crime interfere with their careers as L.A.’s weirdest underground sex performers? Join Manlove & Kickerdick in their first adventure as thugs-for-hire in 999 PROBLEMS! From the author of Arthur Ellis Award-nominated HOT SINATRA.

“There are very few living authors who have made me literally laugh out loud, and Axel Howerton’s witty and sarcastic style promptly placed him into that category.” – Falcon Storm Books


Coffin Hop Press

Ain’t no messin’ with these back-door Santas!

L.A. tough-guys-for-hire and openly gay odd-couple Artie Menlowe and Jurgen Kierkedoek set out on a Christmas Eve job driving for an easily enraged Senator and his curious teenaged son. It’s holiday hi-jinx, seasonal shenanigans and merriness run amok when two bad mammajammas like Manlove & Kickerdick get their festive feet to stompin’! It’s a Very Merry Manlove & Kickerdick X-Mess! From the author of Arthur Ellis Award-nominated HOT SINATRA.

““Axel Howerton is one of the best new crime fiction writers out there—hell, one of the best writers, period. Do yourself a favor and settle into Axel’s groove.” – Scott S. Phillips, Author of “Squirrel Eyes” and “Tales of Misery & Imagination,” and Writer/Director of “Stink of Flesh” and “Gimme Skelter”

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