WWC 2014! T-150

When Words Collide 2014, the best writers convention in the west, starts in a scant few hours. I am sadly devoid of books for sellin’ (I have 4 old-cover copies of HOT SINATRA and about 40 exclusive “chapbooks” I put together for the autograph session tomorrow night), my new cards are nowhere to be seen, and my new CHP stickers are also AWOL. Still, the show must go on and the Con is On! I’m kicking off the show at 1PM with a panel on Dialogue with the likes of Minister Faust, Nola Sarina and Sandra Fitzpatrick. Then I also close out the regular scheduled programming with Exploring Archetypes in Hardboiled and Noir Fiction with the ol’ gang from last year: Janice MacDonald and S.G. Wong.

Saturday is a free-for-all for me, until the 8PM autograph session (Open to the public, Cowtown. Come on down and see me at the Carriage House Inn tomorrow night!) and then the Crime Writers of Canada/Calgary Crime Writers shindig.

Sunday, I’m back on the horse with Gender Perspectives in Detective Fiction, again with Janice and Sandra, at 2PM. Then I’m closing out the big room on Sunday at 4PM with Janice, Dwayne Clayden, Craig DiLouie and the incomparable Melodie Campbell with Death Throes: Death Scenes in Fiction.


Here’s a sad little taste of what I cobbled together, but I think the stories are solid. Special Edition copies of the now-on-Kindle 999 PROBLEMS and the exclusive romance-out-of-time DAYS GO BY.

A Very Merry Manlove & Kickerdick Xmess NOW ON KINDLE!

Manlove & Kickerdick Trick #2 is now live and ready for your Kindle!

Pick it up and fill your sweltering summer with a little cooler than cool…

Ain’t no messin’ with these back-door Santas!

L.A. tough-guys-for-hire and openly gay odd-couple Artie Menlowe and Jurgen Kierkedoek set out on a Christmas Eve job driving for an easily enraged Senator and his curious teenaged son. It’s holiday hi-jinx, seasonal shenanigans and merriness run amok when two bad mammajammas like Manlove & Kickerdick get their festive feet to stompin’!


Cover image by Liz Howerton Photography

Manlove and Kickerdick’s first foray into crime! 999 PROBLEMS! Now on Amazon!

Guess who’s back and kicking ass on Record Store Day!




When Artie Menlowe and Jurgen Kierkedoek start a brawl on Record Store Day, the last thing they expect is to end up working as bagmen for the unpleasant side-of-beef known as “Morris”. Will the boys get their man? Will they ever get paid? Will this new life of crime interfere with their careers as L.A.’s weirdest underground sex performers? Join Manlove & Kickerdick in their first adventure as thugs-for-hire in 999 PROBLEMS! From the author of Arthur Ellis Award-nominated HOT SINATRA.

999 Problems_200x300D

Cover image by Liz Howerton Photography



Manlove and Kickerdick Return!

Everyone’s favorite L.A. sex performers/random thugs/bickering odd-couple Artie Menlowe and Jurgen Kierkedoek – AKA MANLOVE & KICKERDICK are coming to a Kindle near you! Look for both the origin story 999 PROBLEMS (nominated for an Arthur Ellis Award btw!) and A VERY MERRY MANLOVE & KICKERDICK X-MESS on Amazon in the very near future. A new Manlove & Kickerdick Trick, tentatively titled YOUNG AMERICANS is also in the works! Stay tuned here for more details when they become available, but here’s a peek at one of the covers, with an image by the spectacular Liz Howerton Photography.